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Bronze Skies


Bronze Skies --Out Now from The Wild Rose Press

Lt. Tom Shafer is an Army Air Corps pilot, who answers the call of his country a short time before World War II. His life is complicated when a bully back home in Juneau, Alaska harasses his girl. Can he fulfill his job to his country and his love?

Pam Wright has to put up with war's homefront problems and unwanted attention from a man who is obsessed with her. Can he take advantage of her knowing her man is so far from home

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This was a quick and enjoyable read that drew me in from the first page to the last even without reading the first two books since they gave a lot of background throughout this book. ... I look forward to reading more books by Fridl in the future. Romancing the Book reviewed by Lovely Rose

"Bronze Skies" is an easy read, providing a topical overview of the challenges that couples faced during World War II. Crazy Book Reviews


“Will you tell me where Vic Houston is?”

Jake nodded toward an old blue Olds. “He's working under the hood over there.”

“Thanks, Jake.” The smell of gas, grease, and rubber hit Tom's nose as he made his way to the Olds. He saw Vic with a wrench, tightening something in the engine. Tom leaned against the fender. “Vic, do you have a moment?”

Vic looked surprised and Tom noticed his grease-grimed hand clench the wrench tighter. “What do you want, Shafer?” His voice was rough.

“I didn't come here to fight you, but before I leave to go back to base, I have something to say. If I hear you've hurt Pam in any way, I will find you.”

Vic's fingers bunched the dirty cloth that covered the radiator. “I don't plan to hurt Pam, but that doesn't mean I won't try to date her. And the big-time flyboy didn't bring any charges against me. Are you too chicken?” He spit on the floor by Tom's feet.