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Golden North


Golden North--Coming date TBD to The Wild Rose Press

Josh Shafer has purchased an old run-down theater and bar in Juneau, Alaskan Territory to get away from his abusive father. He invites his brother, Zeke, and Zeke's new wife, Addy, who are on the run from a crime family, to come and help him.

Muriel Giovanni, Addy's cousin, was married into the crime family, but her husband was killed. Now with a new daughter, the Giovannis want the child. With the help of her parents, the young widow takes her baby and follows her cousin to Alaska, where hopefully the family won't find her. Or will they?

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Ilona Fridl’s Golden North is truly an adventure worth joining. Take an armchair travel opportunity to go to Alaska. This wild state is a wonderful backdrop for such a great novel. Night Owl Romance Reviewed by: Ursshebear



Muriel’s heart went out to Josh. He put his head in his hands and leaned his elbows on the desk. Addy and Zeke told him what happened to them at Millie’s and he looked like the scene of despair. They had slipped back into their apartment and left her and Josh alone.

He slowly raised his head. “Well, that’s it, isn’t it? Muriel, I’m sorry you had to come into this. You seem to have traded one problem for another.”

Muriel came over and caressed his shoulders. “I’m sure that Sarah and Amos can find out what really happened. When they do, the townspeople will come around.”

“We may not be here by that time.” He sat up and waved his arms back. “I really wanted to prove to myself that my father was wrong and I could make something of my life. Well―” He slammed his hand on the ledger.

Muriel felt a tightening in her chest. He could be right. She didn’t want to think it, but her eyes swam with tears.

Josh looked at her with his own eyes misted. He stood and took her in a gentle embrace, then pulled back quickly. “I’m―I didn’t mean to―”

Muriel put her fingers on his lips. “Don’t apologize.” She drew him back. They gazed at each other for a moment. She put her hand on the back of his neck and kissed him.