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A Balancing Act -- Ilona Fridl


A Balancing Act

Lenora LaRue, Bareback Rider Extraordinaire, is the star of her family ’s circus—until a cyclone hits. A main tent pole falls on her during the storm, and when her injuries require the loss of her leg, her family abandons her, believing she is of no further use to them.

John Mallory, the young surgeon who does the necessary operation, decides to help her readjust to the real world, against his father's advice. John takes her to his aunt’s sanitarium in the resort city of Waukesha, Wisconsin, where the two of them undertake to teach Lenora how to live outside the harsh circus culture that has been her whole life. He sets up a practice in the town to be near her, positive that rehabilitation is possible.As a woman doubly cursed by society as both a cripple and a former circus performer, Lenora is not so sure. She struggles to learn social skills…but can she learn what love is, too?

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A Sacrificial Matter -- Ilona Fridl


A Sacrificial Matter -- Coming Soon

A naked man in a graveyard… Detectives Amos and Sarah Darcy have dealt with quite a few unusual mysteries, but who cut down the naked man in the graveyard with a broadsword at midnight? When Sheriff Sam Lindsey calls on them to help solve the murder, Sarah risks her life to go undercover into a world of spiritualism and crime to find the murderer and the motive.

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That Monroe Girl-- Ilona Fridl


That Monroe Girl -- Coming from The Wild Rose Press

Cat Monroe arrives in Tombstone, Arizona searching for her father and brothers, who left Virginia for the West right after the Civil War. With the help of newspaper reporter Jake Spencer, she finds her family and a whole peck of trouble. She's falling for the newspaperman, but she discovers his family and hers are feuding over water rights. When her father finally accepts that she is his daughter, he wants to marry her off to a rich neighbor who has a dark past.

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Iris Rainbow -- Ilona Fridl


Iris Rainbow -- Coming from The Wild Rose Press

Rebellious teen Teri Darden comes of age in the Sum mer of Love, 1967, falling hard for Tim Olson, who plays bass guitar in a soon-to-be-famous rock band called Virgin Ram. When the band goes on a lengthy tour, Tim and Teri not only lose touch with each other but the lies of his spiteful ex-girlfriend push Teri into the dark side of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll in the San Francisco of the 1960s.

As his year-long tour comes to a close, Tim realizes how much he has missed Teri, but his efforts to find her again are futile. He goes from one bad marriage to another yet is always searching for Teri, until they meet again thirty years later.

Neither could quite forget the other, but can they rekindle what was lost?

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Dangerous Times -- Boxed Set


Dangerous Times - Digital Boxed Edition

Book One: Silver Screen Heroes

Book Two: Golden North

Book Three: Bronze Skies


Prime Catch


Prime Catch --Coming October 25th from The Wild Rose Press

Someone is killing executives in a string of Alaskan canneries. Is it natives because their food supply is being cut short? Or is there another reason, another culprit? With racial tension running high, Juneau ’s Sheriff Amos Darcy, a man of few words,  is going to find out who it is, come hell or high water.

Deputy Sarah Lakat, a Tlingit woman, knows her job, but she wants to prove her people aren’t responsible for these vicious crimes. Her family and childhood friends give her access to clues the white sheriff would never have discovered, though, and she has to realize justice must be served no matter who the murderers are.

Amos is married to his work and Sarah was badly hurt by a man in her past, yet as they work together in the investigation they grow close, facing danger and discrimination together. Can they solve the case even as they fight their attraction to each other?

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Bronze Skies


Bronze Skies -- Out now in Print and E-book from The Wild Rose Press

When her plane-crazy high school sweetheart goes off to join the Army Air Corps, Pam Wright writes him often but is disappointed that he doesn’t reply to every letter. She’s lonely, hurting from his seeming lack of interest, and dances with someone else one Saturday night. By the time Pearl Harbor is attacked, Lieutenant Tom Shafer has been home on leave, explained how busy he’s been with officer training, and made sure Pam will be waiting for him after the war. He’s also had a fight with the guy who won’t leave her alone after that one dance. But is it safe to leave her in the same town with this obsessed bully? How can Tom fulfill his promises to protect both his country and the love of his life?

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Silver Screen Heroes


Silver Screen Heroes -- Out now in Print and E-book from The Wild Rose Press

Addy Garcia and Zeke Shafer are a stunt double and a director's assistant that works at Majestic Motion Pictures Studio in 1920 Hollywood. A family of gangsters take over the failing studio to make and sell illegal liquor. Zeke and Addy work together to help the police capture the mob. One problem, Addy's cousin has married into the crime family. Addy has been given a key to bring the family and the studio down. Will she use it?

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Golden North


Golden North -- Out now in Print and E-book from The Wild Rose Press

Josh Shafer has purchased an old run-down theater and bar in Juneau, Alaskan Territory to get away from his abusive father. He invites his brother, Zeke, and Zeke's new wife, Addy, who are on the run from a crime family, to come and help him.

Muriel Giovanni, Addy's cousin, was married into the crime family, but her husband was killed. Now with a new daughter, the Giovannis want the child. With the help of her parents, the young widow takes her baby and follows her cousin to Alaska, where hopefully the family won't find her. Or will they?

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