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That Monroe Girl-- Ilona Fridl


That Monroe Girl -- Coming from The Wild Rose Press

Cat Monroe arrives in Tombstone, Arizona searching for her father and brothers, who left Virginia for the West right after the Civil War. With the help of newspaper reporter Jake Spencer, she finds her family and a whole peck of trouble. She's falling for the newspaperman, but she discovers his family and hers are feuding over water rights. When her father finally accepts that she is his daughter, he wants to marry her off to a rich neighbor who has a dark past.

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...So, if you are in need to take a journey to the wild west, you might consider taking a ride with That Monroe Girl... 4 Stars
Melody May, sillymelody.blogspot.com


“I told you this wasn’t finished, Spencer!” And he tried to land a fist on Jake’s jaw, an attempt which was deflected. Jake grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him to the floor. Henderson tripped Jake, and they rolled over, trading blows.

As the crowd gathered to watch the two combatants, Sheriff Cortland and one of his deputies pulled them apart. “What is going on here?” Henderson pointed at Jake. “He was interfering with my intended.”

Cat, who was watching with horror from the sidelines, belted out, “I’m not your intended!”

The sheriff thought for a moment. “Mr. Henderson, since you are who you are, I’m going to let you two sort this out peacefully. If you can’t do it peacefully, I’m putting you both in jail.”

By that time, Albert and John had joined them.

Henderson turned to Albert and pointed at Cat. “I wish you would control your daughter.”

Cat felt her whole body tense with a desire to get a gun and blow Henderson to kingdom come. “I can’t take this any more!” she exploded. “Father, I told you how I feel. If you insist on Mr. Henderson courting me, I will have to move out.”

“Cat, listen—” Albert moved to put a hand on her shoulder, but she shook him off.

“Leave me alone! Why can’t everybody leave me alone!” She ran out the side door and into the carriage lot, where she untied her mask, leaned on one of the hitching posts, and burst into tears full of hurt, anger, and frustration.