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A Sacrificial Matter -- Ilona Fridl


A Sacrificial Matter -- Coming Soon

A naked man in a graveyard… Detectives Amos and Sarah Darcy have dealt with quite a few unusual mysteries, but who cut down the naked man in the graveyard with a broadsword at midnight? When Sheriff Sam Lindsey calls on them to help solve the murder, Sarah risks her life to go undercover into a world of spiritualism and crime to find the murderer and the motive.

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...This is a really interesting book that captured my attention in the first few pages and didn’t let go. ...just an excitement to find a new author’s voice and characters I really enjoy. And that was a great pleasure for me. ... I’d happily recommend this story to my friends and just as easily my mother or grandmother. It’s a timeless classic style of mystery and an author I certainly plan to keep an eye out for. Recommended.

Ilona Fridle’s A Sacrificial Matter is a spinoff from the author’s Dangerous Times series, but it can easily be enjoyed during a soothing lunch break without reading the other books. The characters soon come to life with natural dialogue and telling details of culture and time—including the lack of alcohol for that “pagan” ritual. Sarah has only just been given permission to drive her husband’s car, and she “still ground the clutch on occasion but was getting better.” But in disguise, Sarah the Tlingit can be anyone she likes. The question is: will she like—or even survive—what she’s getting herself into. 
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“A Sacrificial Matter” is a story based in the early twentieth century. It involves a murder that had all the signs of a sacrifice. At least that is what it seems like on the surface. Further investigation by the Darcy's (a husband and wife detective team) would prove otherwise. Sarah Darcy will find herself working undercover to solve this mystery, but will she find some solace in her undercover character since she seems to get more respect. Night Owl Reviews

This is a really interesting book that captured my attention in the first few pages and didn’t let go. I haven’t read anything previously by this author and that is certainly my loss. Despite some old-fashioned language (which was a delightful surprise and lent the book an air of authenticity seeing as the time period is the 1920s) I caught on to almost everything very quickly and soon found myself completely involved in the story and Amos and Sarah in particular. The author has clearly gone to a lot of work and effort to make the setting and backdrop of her world authentic – like comments on how their brand new Oldsmobile was Amos’ pride and joy and Sarah had only just been “allowed” to drive it alone recently, or how they called a tape measure a “tape rule”, small things like this which made me pause, but I could quickly and easily understand what it meant. This is one of those few times jarring me during reading is welcome – it reminded me this story was set in the past and really gave it an air of a old-style mystery and greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the story. Long And Short Reviews


Around two 'o clock that afternoon, Sam came in to see them. “Well, we know who the man is. He was identified by his wife and brother. He's Abner Wells and works as a bookkeeping clerk at First National Bank.”

Amos stroked his mustache. “That doesn't sound like a wild-eyed pagan to me. Did you get a chance to question his wife?”

“She's Lidia and was quite upset as you may guess. I asked her if she knew about the spiritualist group and she didn't know anything about it.”

“How about his brother?”

“His brother is Calvin Wells. He's a liner captain working for a passenger company and he said he never heard of a group like that.”

Sarah was silent for a moment. “It's possible she's covering up something. Seems to me if a model citizen was involved in a group like that, they wouldn't want it general knowledge what they were doing.”

Sam glanced at her. “You may be right. I'm going to the bank to question people who knew Wells there. Since you're doing all this research on spiritualism, could you find a way to get into one of these groups?”

Sarah thought for a moment. “Maybe it would be better for me to work undercover. Amos would still be well known in the community.”

Amos studied her. “As long as they don't try to sacrifice you. Then I will have something to say.”

“I could disguise myself. Kata could help me with that.” Her cousin worked in costuming at the Golden North theater.

Sam nodded. “If you do, keep me informed of where you go and what you do. That way we can keep an eye on you.”

Sarah sobered. “Yes, we know it can be dangerous, don't we?”